Disable Notifications for your Google My Business Locations

You may have multiple locations, or you may be an SEO company that manages multiple locations for clients (like us).

Either way, you know the GMB notifications can get out of hand.  Apart from being alerted of reviews (so you can respond to good and bad reviews alike), many of the notifications aren't necessary if you routinely check and optimize your Google My Business Listing.

Let's Get Started.

Disable alerts directly in your GMB Dashboard:

STEP 1: Log Into Your GMB 

Your GMB or Google My Business account is how you control your business listing on properties like Google Maps.

STEP 2: Select your location/business listing

If you have multiple locations (like a dentist or med spa) or you manage locations for clients you will need to click into the location page from your GMB locations dashboard.

disable gmb notification

STEP 3: Click Location Settings

Don't get distracted by all the shiny things.  Just scroll to the bottom and click "Settings"

gmb location settings

STEP 4: Remove Unwanted Notifications

You might not want to remove every notification.  Knowing when a customer leaves a review is important, so you have the ability to respond as quickly as possible.  Remove the checkmarks from notifications you no longer want to receive and that's it!  You have successfully removed notifications from your Google My Business Location Page. 

remove unwanted GMB email alerts 1

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