The Ultimate Guide to
Landing Pages for Dentists [2022]

The Dental advertising market is very competitive, and competitors who use custom landing pages will have higher ROI and conversion rates than those who don't.  It's as simple as that.

If you are running PPC ads without them... Your leaving money on the table.

Who it's for: Dentists or their digital marketing teams who want to successfully generate new patients using paid advertising.

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About The Author: Nick Black

Why I Wrote This Guide: I wrote this guide to help show YOU why using landing pages for your dental advertising campaigns is crucial.  

What is a Landing Page?

You've probably been on a landing page before.  They typically have no navigational links that allow a visitor to leave without doing the exact action the owner wants.  They look like a regular webpage, but they are very different.  Landing pages are digital marketing tools created purely for commercial reasons (marketing or advertising campaigns).

Here's how it works:

  • Someone searches for a "dentist near me."
  • They click your ad and load your landing page
  • Your page addresses the visitors question
  • They are then asked to contact the practice
  • They either contact you or leave the site

Landing pages remove all distractions and provide the visitor with a tailored & relevant experience to influence them to do one thing, convert.    With effective copywriting and a compelling offer, landing pages can make your advertising campaigns a huge success.  One of the best parts is optimized landing pages can rank in Local SEO results also!

Take a look at the example landing page below.  You could use a landing page like this one to get dental implant patients, teeth whitening patients or any other service you provide.


The landing page pictured above follows a format that makes sense to visitors.  It has a clear message, includes a form, and instills urgency by letting the visitor know the offer will expire.

Your landing pages need to have a logical layout that guides a visitor towards your intended goal.  You don't have to follow every landing page best practice, however, removing distractions like navigation bars or outbound links is a must.

A Logical Landing Page Format

Your landing page should be an extension of the PPC ad someone clicked on and it needs a logical layout. If your ad talked about a $49 cleaning special, you need to have information about that deal on the page.

It needs a clear headline that encourages action, benefits displayed prominently, answers to potential questions & objections, imagery that supports the message.

Optimized Landing Pages:

  • Have navigation links removed
  • Load lightning fast
  • Include a strong call to action
  • Only contain relevant images and videos

Here's what patients see when searching google for a new dentist:


Understanding The Elements of an Excellent Landing Page


Top Bar: This is the area at the very top of your page.  It typically has a logo and a call to action button such as "Call Now" Or "Sign Up."

Heading / Title:  Just like the headline of a news article, your heading or title is the first thing someone will see when visiting your page.  It should be short & concise and provide a logical continuation from the ad they clicked.

Contact Form:  We like to include a contact form next to the main heading.  That way if the visitor is ready to take action they have an easy way to provide you with the information needed to schedule an appointment.

Benefits:  Below the main heading area you should display the benefits.  These are key selling points and reasons why a potential patient should contact you over your competitor.  Use the benefits area to help people better understand your practice and what makes it awesome.

Design:  The design of your landing page should follow the design of your website to keep a consistent feel.

Social Proof / Reviews:  If you have some good feedback, you should include customer reviews on your landing pages.  People like to see what others have to say when making a decision.  Showcasing positive reviews can help convince your potential patient to pick up the phone.

Mobile Optimization

It's the future... Everything needs to work on every device.

Apart from mobile experience being a huge SEO factor in rankings for your website, mobile-optimizing your landing pages is a must.  Think about the elements on your desktop landing page, consider how they should be ordered on mobile and create a version that works beautifully for visitors.  Your page should load super fast as well, make sure to use the google page speed insights tool for tips on how to make your site load faster.

Learn From Your Competitors

Your competitors landing pages could be better or worse than yours.  But you still should stay current on what your competitors are using and adopt strategies you think maybe working.

Don't be too quick to try and copy them though, your excellent just the way you are.  Just show it.

If you need help doing so give us a shout at

Conversion Optimization for Dental Landing Pages

Once your landing page starts getting some traffic from your Facebook Advertising, PPC, and SEO campaigns you can start testing elements to increase your conversion rate.

A/B testing landing pages require the webmaster to split your traffic between two versions of the page.  One version may have the title "$39 cleaning special" while the other has "$38.95 cleaning special".

You want to make sure only to change one element on the test page.  Changing more than one element will result in a multivariant test and make it harder for you to understand exactly what is making your page better.

Try thinking about the various things your audience is looking for on the landing page and start there.

A good rule of thumb is to focus on the copywriting of the page first as it typically has the largest ROI increases.  Next, you can focus on layout changes, and finally design changes.  There really isn't any reason to be testing a ton of different colors and layouts until you cant make your headlines and copy any better.

Dental Landing Page Example

dental landing page template example

Landing Page Builders / Tools

  • UnBounce UnBounce is our landing page builder of choice.  It's a super easy drag and drop builder that allows you to create any landing page you could need.  It's also lightning-fast and designed to convert.
  • LeadPages:  An old favorite, lead pages was a front mover on the landing page builder industry.  They have fallen a bit behind but still offer great solutions for business owners.
  • BeaverBuilder:  When we aren't using ClickFunnels we use BeaverBuilder for WordPress. BeaverBuilder is a website builder that allows you to build landing pages in a similar way to the tools listed above.  The only difference... You build them on your site rather than somewhere else.

Have any questions?

We hope this guide helps you better understand what landing pages are, why they are critical to your success, and where to get started.

We also have a guide on Landing Pages for Real Estate Agents you can check out for more info.

If you need any help or would like some advice please give us a shout at or use the Contact Us form.

Greetings Earthling!

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Frequently Asked Dentistry Landing Page Questions.

We recommend using a landing page builder such as UnBounce to create and deploy custom landing pages. It's easy to use, fast and allows advanced testing.

Yes!  If you are spending any money on paid advertising you owe it to yourself to send that traffic to an optimized page designed to convert.

It depends if you build them yourself using HTML or a website builder they can be very cheap.  However, if you want a fully optimized landing page with conversion-driven copywriting you will end up paying between 1-2K which is well worth the investment. 

Sure!  We are happy to review your landing pages and will provide you with honest, actionable feedback... Even if it hurts. 

The short answer is NO!   You need them to stay on the page until they take the action you want. However, sometimes we will use "Jump Links" to create what looks like a navigation bar but only allows the user to "Jump" to different areas of the LP.

Landing pages do have the capability to be bad for SEO.  However, it is very easy to avoid these issues.  If you are worried about this please ask us for help!

Landing pages, unlike a website, are designed for the purpose of convincing someone to take a single action.  Websites are built to inform, whereas LPs are built to convert. 

You sure can! In fact, we have several clients who don't build websites for their brands and instead opt into only using landing pages.

Greetings Earthling!

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