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Marketing for Dentists

Ready to find out how digital marketing for dentists works?  You are in the right place.

With the correct digital marketing strategy, your dental practice can generate 30+ new patients every month.  That may seem like a lot, but once you understand just how real the opportunity is you’ll get it.

Traditional MKT vs. Digital Marketing for Dental Clinics

You have a seemingly endless amount of to-do’s to keep the lights on at your practice.  

Finding staff, managing finances, and most importantly… providing the best service comes first.  So when do you have time to learn how to get new patients?

Traditional methods like sending post cards, radio ads, and word of mouth are still great ways to grow your practice.  But to really compete and gain market share you need to use digital marketing.

We get it, finding new patients on the internet is confusing at first.  Unfortunately, because it’s hard to understand many dentists choose not to invest time or money in online marketing. 

Hey, we don’t blame you, it’s human nature to avoid the uncomfortable or unfamiliar.

Today we are going to discuss what digital marketing is and how to use it effectively to grow your dental practice.  Along the way, you may hear about things like:

Despite having a reputation of being overly complicated, we promise you can understand this!

Remember, digital marketing is essential for success in today’s competitive market.

So if you have tried some google ads, played around with Facebook, or are still wondering what a landing page is… Stick around, and read this post.


Why Use Internet Marketing?  

Hint: it has nothing to do with taking selfies #nothanks

Using digital marketing is the biggest opportunity for growth in the dental industry today, and trust me it’s better to be ahead of the curve.

Local businesses have the advantage of being in slow-moving industries when it comes to digital marketing. But the tides are changing, you may have already noticed it.

Check out the Wikipedia page for digital marketing to learn more.

Established practices are closing their doors as seemingly overnight new dental offices pop up.  If you don’t invest in your online presence now, you’ll contune to lose market share, which means fewer patients and less profit.

That’s because patients use the internet to find the closest, cheapest and highest rated dentists before scheduling an appointment.

So if your patients go to google, bing, or yahoo to find a new dentist, and your website doesn’t show up, you essentially don’t exist.


What Digital Marketing Isn’t

Digital marketing isn’t just SEO, or Facebook ads, social media, or writing blogs about dogs.

Digital marketing in the broadest sense is a collection of marketing services that use internet to help you reach more customers.

It’s an umbrella term and under it are marketing services like SEO, lead generation, content marketing, PPC advertising, display & Facebook advertising, etc.

The great part is, once you truly understand it… You will be able to generate customers for your business on demand.

Think about it this way, if you currently use email to connect with your patients you are using digital marketing.  


Google Ads for Dental Offices

PPC stands for pay per click, and it is one of the most popular forms of advertising available today.  The most popular platform for PPC advertising is Google Ads.

You find the ads at the top of search results.  If you were to click one of these advertisements, Google would then charge the company or brand a small amount of money based on the type of ad they were running.

Google ads occupy the most coveted real estate on the web, the top of googles search results.  With advanced targeting and tracking features, advertisers love it.

That also means more advertisers use it, so the price of PPC ads can be more expensive than other options.  But by targeting the right keywords, and also using tools like a negative keyword list you can often see a positive return on your investment.


Facebook Ads For Dentists

Unless you still live under a rock you have probably seen facebook advertising.  

The social network is one of the most used products across the world, with billions of people logging in on a regular basis. Because Facebook is such an essential part of daily communication, you can use it to reach your target market. 

When it comes to digital marketing for dentists, FB marketing gets HUGE results.

The main difference between search ads and Facebook ads is that when people search google for something they typically have high intent.  

People go to Facebook to catch up or entertain themselves.  They have no clue what they are going to see, they aren’t looking for dentists today, but hey… they might have a sore tooth.   Or maybe they have a big night coming up and could use a teeth whitening.

So we use Facebook ads to raise awareness of your brand and build a remarketing list of potential patients.


SEO for Dentists

Ugh..  I know the story, I hear it all the time when speaking with our dental clients.

“But Nick we have used an SEO company in the past, we paid them for months and never got any results.

It’s easy to point the finger at an agency that didn’t get you the results you wanted.  But with so many ranking factors at play its unfair to do that.  

SEO is essential to the long-term success of your practice.   It’s an investment that pays dividends to you in the form of new patients 24 hours a day.

The best part, unlike paid advertising, the leads you get from organic search results are free.

We go into more depth on why Local SEO is essential on this post.  Just remember you should always look for ways to improve your office’s online presence.

SEO Content Creation & Site Structure

One of the most powerful components of digital marketing involves content creation.

Think of SEO as the method for getting your website to rank higher when potential patients search for information or services that your site contains.

While there are many technical aspects of SEO (like creating the perfect website structure for SEO), one of the most effective ways to improve your sites SEO is by producing valuable content.

The more valuable the content you produce and its relevance to the dental industry, the higher your chance search engines will rank your website.

Examples of dental content you can create:

  • Top ten lists of toothpaste
  • Guides on how to get kids to brush their teeth. 
  • The impact of oral health

At the end of the day, search engines help their users find the best solution to their problems.  

How To Attract New Patients

In addition to improving your SEO by creating content for your website, another way you can get more patients is by getting as many online reviews for your practice as possible.

Just be sure to NEVER create fake reviews, search engines look for how honest and legitimate the reviews your dental practice receives on a daily basis.

Here are a few ways to get more reviews for your practice:

  1. Train your staff to politely ask patients for a review toward the end of their visit. This tip alone can significantly improve the number of reviews you receive.
  2. If it’s legal in your area, you can offer patients a gift card or other reward to encourage them to leave a rating and review. It’s critical that you ask that the review be honest so that others can get a realistic look at your service.
  3. Make it clear and easy for patients to leave a review on your website.

How to Choose the Right Dental Marketing Agency

For many practice owners, figuring out where to start can be a little overwhelming.

Should you focus on Facebook ads? Should you invest in PPC?  There are plenty of trustworthy and reputable marketing agencies that work with dentists.

When looking for a dental digital marketing company, here are a few tips to ensure you find a good fit for your specific needs.

  • Do They Work With Other Dental Clinics?

When possible, you want to work with a marketing agency that has experience working specifically with dentists.  At MassConvert we have worked with a TON of dental offices and have created a proven system.

  • Do They Provide A Clear Marketing Strategy?

It’s important that your agency has a clear strategy for your specific practice. If they insist you should be on Facebook simply because “everyone is on Facebook,” they probably aren’t very good at what they do.

A great dental marketing company will create a strategy for your practice and explain why you should invest in one area over another.

What works in online marketing changes fast.  Make sure to avoid budget companies as they typically won’t stay up to trends and can hurt your business in the long term.  

Ready to get started?  Contact us today.