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Pay Per Click Advertising

MassConvert's origin story starts with Google Ads (AdWords). Over the years we've managed millions in PPC ads for ourselves and our clients. Unlike SEO, PPC is a Pay to Play environment so we spend extra time getting your business ready with optimized landing pages, conversion tracking, and campaign structures that are both beautiful and efficient.


PPC Agency Services

Google Ads Management

Google Ads is the most powerful pay per click platform.  It has the ability to fuel an entire businesses growth (ask our clients).  Ask how it can help your business grow!


Make sure your business is the clear choice when your customer is ready to buy.  Better yet bring them back until they can't help themselves! 

Location Targeting

Reach customers within a few miles of your business, or show up in new regions with targeted Geo fencing strategies that increase relevance and ROI. 

Show Up First

Google ads appear at the top of search results. When people search for something that matches your keywords you can appear above the search results and become the clear choice.

ppc agency results

Data Driven Service

Our PPC services are data driven which means they start with keyword research.  We measure your results and optimize your accounts over time to create the ideal campaign structure to profitably grow your business.

  • Track New Visitors

  • Measure Sales and Conversions

  • Retarget Existing Customers

  • Control Ad Spend with Tight Campaign Management

  • Determine ROI on Ad Spend


What Is Pay Per Click Advertising?

Search advertising is one of the most sustainable and profitable channels for eCommerce & Local businesses.  PPC or pay-per-click refers to the payment method the platforms use.  You only pay when someone clicks which has created an intent driven advertising environment.


PPC Advertising Benefits

  • Increase Brand Recognition
  • Take Market Share From Competitors
  • Generate Local Business Leads
  • Drive New Sales


The Platforms We Work With

Google Ads - The flagship search advertising platform is Google Ads (formerly AdWords).  It's the largest PPC network and typically where we start when setting up and optimizing campaigns.

Bing Ads - Less used but still very valuable is the Bing search advertising platform.  We will mimic your Google ads account structures to create manageable campaigns to reach your goals.


Account Structure

In order to have a fully optimized campaign, your search ad accounts need to be structured the correct way.  We create logical account structures that are optimized to increase quality scores and decrease your CPC (cost per click).


  • Ad Copy:  There are a few search ad formats at the time of writing this page.  The newest, dynamic search ads swap variations of your ad text automatically to optimize for conversions.   We write incredible ads that get attention and encourage conversions.
  • Landing Pages:  At the heart of any PPC campaign is optimized landing pages.   Landing pages are destinations you send your ad traffic to, they are designed from one purpose... To Convert!  We build custom, conversion optimized landing pages for our clients that push visitors towards the end goal as efficiently as possible.
  • Conversion Tracking:  Before turning your campaigns on we will implement conversion tracking and if you are a local business Call Tracking.  Conversion tracking allows us to connect the click that resulted in a purchase back to the exact keyword in the advertising platforms.  This level of insight allows us to dramatically increase the return on your investment.
  • Remarketing:  messaging people who already know your brand is one of the best ways to increase your conversion rate.  We create intuitive RMKT campaigns using Google & Facebook ads that strengthen your brand recognition and help increase your bottom line with your warmest prospects.


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Frequently asked questions about PPC management.

  • Do I need a Google Ads Account?

    Yes, you will need a Google Ads account to display your business in Pay Per Click advertising.  Don't worry!  If you don't have one you can set one up for free here.

  • How will you access my Google Ads Account?

    We will need you to provide manager access to your ad account.  To request access you will need to provide us with your 10 digit account ID.  Once we request access you will just need to approve the request via email or in your Google Ads account. 

  • How does your PPC Agency charge?

    Our pricing is simple, we have tiers based on the total amount of Ad Spend your account uses.  You pay Google for the Ad Spend and pay us for the management.

  • How does reporting work?

    We create living dashboards that update every time you load the page.  This allows you to always know what's going on with every aspect of your PPC advertising accounts at a glance.

  • What's a good conversion rate?

    Conversion happens at several points along the advertising funnel.  You can view landing page conversion rates by industry here.  For average click-through rates and conversion rates for Google Ads view this page.

  • Where do my ads show up?

    Your ads will show on the search network & search partners on Google.  We also do PPC advertising on Bing as well.  Your ads will show when people search for keywords related to the products or services you offer.

  • Will I own the landing pages & ad accounts?

    Yes, you will own the landing pages we design and the ad accounts we create.  Since we host the landing pages internally you will just need to set up an account with a landing page service to reuse them on your own.