The Digital Marketing Questionnaire for Clients

Being an adept researcher is paramount for any SEO Company or PPC Agency.

Unfortunately, try as we might... we just can't seem to read minds or hire anyone with "Charles Xavier like powers."

To make sure you're asking the right digital marketing questions, every time a new client signs up, you'll need a great New Client Onboarding Plan and an amazing digital marketing client questionnaire.

But it's not just the agency that gets value out of answering these questions.

Often clients have never had to think about their business from the perspective of a digital marketer.  So the questions they answer can help them gain an even deeper insight into MKT & Advertising for their business.

This post will give you some great marketing questions to ask customers and can serve as your Client Questionnaire template.

All you'll need to do is key the questions into your favorite form tool to start collecting feedback.

The Best Digital Marketing Client Questionnaire

What is a Marketing Questionnaire?

Simply put, questionnaires are research tools.  Similar to survey forms, marketing questionnaires help you gain insight & info about your customer's business.

While you could ask your clients questions over the phone, we have found it's better to send them the forms electronically, so they have time to think about their answers.

Asking marketing strategy questions helps onboard your new clients.

At MassConvert, we use a tool called PaperForm to easily collect the information needed to start the process of onboarding a new client.

The system also automatically triggers out an email to the client asking them to schedule their onboarding call when they complete their intake forms.  Having all of this automated using pDoc makes us look great and saves everyone a lot of time.

Your new client onboarding call is where all the magic happens! 

Before the onboarding call, you'll need to review your client's responses provided on the form you created,  and plug any additional information gathered from previous conversations into the questionnaire template.

You'll be discussing the answers your clients provided on their questionnaire during their onboarding call.  This discussion must be done in a manner that is fluid and allows the client to talk (which means they should be talking more than you!)

Remember, a questionnaire's point isn't to get what pops into a client's mind on paper.  It's to get them really thinking about things from a marketing perspective.

Before you send a marketing questionnaire, remember this.

This is your time to shine!

Asking the right questions does more than help develop your strategy; it also helps your clients feel at ease, knowing they are in good hands.

If you are a PPC management company, you'll want to position your questions around things like their conversion goals, advertising preferences, landing pages, and target markets.  While many questions a PPC manager asks will be different than those a local lead generation specialist asks, some of the questions will still be the same regardless.

Things to remember before asking strategy questions or sending a questionnaire:

  • Be personable, don't just fire off questions or read a client's answers back to them. It's boring and robotic.
  • Don't waste your client's time! If they have already provided information during a previous call or email, you shouldn't ask it again (unless you need further clarification).
  • Keep it short.  If a question requires paragraphs to answer, it should be asked over the phone.
  • Be transparent with the client and let them know that taking the time to answer the questions fully will help you better understand their company and improve their campaign success.

Although we break up the questions into a few different groups, you shouldn't ask them all in order.  If you let the questions come out naturally, your clients will end up answering some of the questions without you even asking.

Questions to ask a new digital marketing client.

General Business Info and Goal/Conversion Questions

  • High level overview of their business
    • If you haven't already, ask your new client to tell you the story behind their business.
  • Company Values
    • What are their company values and how should those values be expressed to potential customers?
  • Common Objections & Stop Points
    • What are some common objections or stopping points during a customer's purchase journey and how do you overcome them?
  • Previous Sales & Marketing Results
    • Have they tried any sales or marketing strategies in the past?  What worked and what didn't work?
  • Monthly budget (CURRENT)
    • What are they currently budgeting for marketing each month?
  • Monthly budget (TARGET)
    • What is their monthly budget once campaigns are optimized?
  • What actions do you want visitors to take?
    • What are the goals or conversion points a visitor takes?  For instance, email opt-ins (leads), phone calls (leads), purchases, etc. 
  • What is the value of each of these actions?
    • What's the profit for each action and how many do they need each month? For instance, if a purchase is worth $10, and for every 10 email sign-ups you make a purchase, then each email signup is worth $1
  • Where and when should your ads be running?
    • What countries, states, zip codes, days, & times should your campaigns be running in?

Product / Service Related Questions

  • What are the benefits of your products and services?
    • Find out what problems their product or service solves and find out if their customers know they have the problem before they learn about their solution.
  • What is your most important product/service to advertise?

    • What has the biggest margin or customer pool?  Make sure it's the product/service that has the biggest opportunity.
  • What is your approx margin on these products/services?
    • What's the profit after all costs?  you'll use this when setting up your ROAS targets. 
  • Special Offers or Discounts
    • Do they ever have special offers or discounts to entice customers to make a purchase?  How do people find out about them?
  • Do you have dedicated landing pages discussing your products/services? If so what are the URLS.
    • Paid ad campaigns need awesome landing pages.  Find out who will be creating them (you or the client).

Strategy Questions

  • Target Market Awareness
    • Does the target customer even know they have a problem?  Are people aware of the client's solution?  If yes, how much of that target market is aware of your business?
  • Customer Demographics
    • Is their customer typically male or female, what's the average age, where do they live and what languages do they speak.  If you are providing paid advertising services, asking questions like how much money their average customer makes, if they are married or have kids, are they into fitness or travel, and the level of education all help with building audiences.
  • Emotional Triggers
    • Do customers experience any specific emotion before or after the buying process?  Are they driven to purchase by fear or happiness?  This information can help you use the right tone in your advertising.
  • Is there any trademark, copyright, or potential issues we should take into account?
    • Is there anything we need to avoid doing?
  • Are you aware of any keywords related to your products/services that currently convert customers?
    • Most clients will only have an idea of this.  Make sure the KWs are backed up by search console / analytics data if using them to build the campaigns on. 
  • Are there any keywords we should avoid?
    • If they do water damage repair or restoration you'll probably want to exclude keywords like "iPhone water damage"

Competitor Related Questions

  • Who are your top 3-5 competitors?
    • Who do they think their biggest competitors are?  Ask them to provide links to each competitor's website and a short note on why they feel they are a big competitor. 
  • What distinguishes you from your competitors?
    • Why should a customer choose to buy from you over your competition?
  • What are your competitors doing that you think might be successful?
    • Are there any advertising campaigns or website features their competitors have that they have noticed?  This question is useful for helping you figure out what the client perceives as important (even if it's not haha).

Audience / Customer Related Questions

  • Who is your target audience?
    • What are the demographics of current customers?
  • Who is the decision-maker?
    • Does the person searching for your client's product or service make the decisions or pass the information they find to a decision-maker.
  • How might your audience be searching for your product or service?
    • Are they asking friends, doing their own research, reading reviews, etc?

Final Thoughts on using Questionnaires to Ask Your New Clients Marketing Strategy Questions

Questionnaires are an amazing research tool that every agency should use.  

They help start new projects off strong and can help put clients at ease knowing they are in good hands.  Just keep in mind that they can also cause issues!  Make sure you use a good feedback tool and don't waste a client's time by including questions you have already asked.

To increase a questionnaires effectiveness you should review your clients answers with them in a normal, conversational manner.

Let the clients talk, let them go deep on areas they get excited about and make sure you get the information you need to make their marketing campaigns successful!


Greetings Earthlings!

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