2019 Facebook Relevance Score Changes

Sometimes you just have to walk a feature out back and shoot it.

That's exactly what Facebook plans on doing with a few data points we always use when optimizing Facebook advertising campaigns.  The good news is they are replacing the important ones with new  "more actionable" data.

Facebook Metrics Removal Date: April 30, 2019

You may not have realized it... but the relevancy score wasn't always actionable. In an attempt to provide deeper, more actionable insights they have decided to split the relevancy score into 3 new metrics.

What Is Relevance Score

Whatever you do... don't be irrelevant. As the name hints, the relevance score was Facebooks numerical gauge of how your target audience is interacting with your ads. Lower relevance means people aren't interested in or engaging with your ads, it's an indicator that your audience or ad needs work.  Also, because they are less engaged your ROI will be lower. The reverse of this is having a high relevance score.

High relevancy means your target audience is engaging (comment, like, react, share) with your ads in a meaningful way.

Does Relevancy Score Affect Ad Performance?

Since relevancy score indicates how well an ad is performing it seems logical it would affect performance.  However, it is just another metric, like click through rate, or conversion rate. These metrics simply indicate how your campaigns are working, and Facebook says that the relevance score has never played a part in the FB Ad Auction. This is unlike the Quality Score metric in PPC Advertising which has a direct effect on a search ads performance in the Google Ad Auction.


Facebook Relevancy Score Metrics

So the jury is still out on this one.

For the time being, we will still operate under the pretense that it does affect performance.

Because even if it isn't factored directly in, it indicates potential success and successful campaigns win more auctions.

New Facebook Relevance Metrics

  • Quality Ranking
  • Engagement Rate Ranking
  • Conversion Rate Ranking

On the surface, these new metrics should immediately provide more insight.

Understanding your ads perceived quality, expected engagement rate, and expected conversion rate in relation to your targeted audience has the potential to drastically improve your campaigns.  Marketing Land mentions facebook will start introducing the metrics in the next few weeks and will start removing old metrics on April 30, 2019.

Other Metrics Being Removed

  • Offers Saved
  • Messaging Replies
  • Cost Per Offers Saved
  • Cost Per Messaging Replies
  • Mobile APP Purchase ROAS

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