What is White Hat SEO?

What Is White Hat SEO?

It seems like every day we get another email filled with incoherent sentences from someone claiming to be a search optimization expert. They promise to get you to the top of the charts fast and for seemingly no money at all.  Don't fall for the trick, what they are offering is NOT white hat SEO.  It's potentially harmful, and absolutely shady search optimization tactics that don't work and can ruin your domains rank forever.

Being one of Austin's best SEO companies, and having had the chance to work with some of the nation's top search optimization consultants I can say without a doubt... those services won't work.  What you need is...

Ethical search engine optimization is also known as White hat SEO.  You know the kind that lasts & makes you feel good when you reap the rewards, takes time and expertise, and neither comes at the prices those random emails offer.  Now that doesn't mean it has to be expensive... It's just not the magical beans others promise.

Our search marketing agency ONLY provides ethical SEO services.  Interested in learning how we can help your business grow an organic traffic channel to increase your ROI?  Give us a call or contact us using the form today.

What is Black Hat SEO?

You may have heard of the term Black Hat SEO before. It's just the insider's term for tactics that attempt to circumvent search engine algorithms to trick them into showing whatever page trying to be ranked.

I won't try and fool you, these tactics can sometimes be effective in the short term. We also won't try to hide the facts that our SEO Experts (including myself) have dabbled in these areas in our early careers before we learned the truth.

... And that truth is that White Hat or evergreen search engine optimization is the only thing that actually works. Google constantly improves its system to provide the most relevant results and weed out people trying to trick them.

The worst part is that once they detect you have done something shady you will be blacklisted. You may not even be aware if your SEO consultant or marketing agency is using these tactics... Hell, they may not even be aware.

One thing you can count on is MassConvert is Austin's Ethical SEO Company.

Sniffing Out The Bad Apples

I didn't choose this path... It chose me.

This is one of the biggest headaches of running a legit search marketing agencies. Everyone claims they are an SEO expert, many of them are great at sales and have very little knowledge around search. It plagues the industry. You have people that read a blog or hear from a buddy about SEO and how "easy it can be".

They say things like "Just repeat the keywords you want to rank for on your website a lot" or "did you know you could hide search terms in white text on a white background"

They believe by stuffing things like H1 tags or meta descriptions you can achieve success. Or by creating pages not designed for consumption, I.E. Fake News (lol) you can get ranked on google or bing.

Misconceptions like this are a result of the early days of the internet and earlier days of search engines.

It's disgusting.

Next thing you know everyone started claiming they were an expert. Great businesses got tricked by shady people putting on a front, and eventually, the term SEO started to have a stink about it. SEO Consultants who touted themselves before started changing their titles to "marketing specialists" or "digital consultants".

So we get it. You just want a legit expert who only does ethical SEO (or white hat tactics).

What Goes Into Ethical SEO Services

SEO starts with your website. Making sure the code is friendly, content is unique and relevant, and that the site loads super fast is the first step.

You should still include your main terms in the headers but it needs to be natural. Your Meta description is the text that shows up under the page title in search results, you should treat this text as an advertisement for your business and not an SEO Tool.

After the website is optimized the real work begins.

You need to frequently add fresh and unique content that is relevant to anyone who may find it.

You also need to work with other websites to receive backlinks (and this is the current magic). When websites with high authority link to another website they pass some of that authority on. This is how you get your trust flow score.

Backlinks like this are created through negotiation, guest posting, and content trades. A single GOOD backlink is worth 1000 lower quality ones. It's not a quantity game.

You might be thinking this is a lot of work, or how does someone even get started doing this sort of thing... I often wonder it myself.

At the end of the day, if you want to build your business's value and achieve those coveted spots of prime search real estate you need (plug coming) MassConvert, Austin's ethical SEO company.  Remember SEO takes time, if you need immediate results and aren't concerned with your businesses long term profitability you may want to focus on PPC instead.

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