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Solving The Local SEO Puzzle in 2020 Local search results pull data from real-world communities to connect people with the right businesses.  How businesses are selected as “The Most Relevant” is a frequently changing game of chess that local SEOs work to beat. Looking for SEO Services? Click to learn about our Search Engine Optimization […]

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How To Structure Your Local Business Website for SEO You’d think by now you can just build a site all Willy nilly and not have to plan every little detail outright?  I mean the search engines are all-knowing and they can just go to the sitemap to understand your website right?….. or maybe you are

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How NOT to build links in 2020 Right? Wrong? White hat, grey, or black? Search engine optimization strategies have changed a lot over the years. One thing that’s remained constant… building backlinks is crucial if you want to rank organically. If I’m being honest, it’s still hard to argue with the tactics old school SEOs

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The Difference Between SEO & PPC Figuring out what the difference between SEO and PPC is and which one is better for your business might seem hard.  However, once you really understand what each of them does it will all be clear.  Table of Contents Add a header to begin generating the table of contents

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GMB Posts Now Allow Multiple Images [2020] While posts don’t have any proven Local SEO benefits, they certainly help your business get the most of the traffic it receives. Every so often Google updates the features available with their business listings.  Last year we got expanded description text, websites, services, and more. This year we get…

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What is White Hat SEO? What Is White Hat SEO? It seems like every day we get another email filled with incoherent sentences from someone claiming to be a search optimization expert. They promise to get you to the top of the charts fast and for seemingly no money at all.  Don’t fall for the

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Google Search Update & What it means (March 2019) March Google Core Update   Woo. March sure was fun for a lot of SEOs. With Googles March 2019 core update the landscape of search engine optimization changed once again. Those who got ahead of the curve by going mobile first, increasing site speed, and focusing

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3 Time-Tested Link Building Tactics for New Websites Alright, let me know if this sounds anything like yourself. It’s the unfortunate chain of events that happened to ALL of my earliest websites. Day one: The birth of something awesome Hop into Namecheap, toss in my clever brand name that I’ve been brainstorming over my entire

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5 Ways to Use Google Keyword Planner What if your SEO efforts were doomed from the beginning? Because that’s exactly what happens when you don’t properly plan your SEO strategy from the start. The free SERP planning tool from Google, Keyword Planner is easy and intuitive to use. Keep reading to learn 5 ways to use KW

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What Is GMB for Local Businesses? Google My Business (GMB) is how local businesses get on the map!  It’s a critical local SEO tool that cannot be overlooked. Recent studies have shown that 1 of 3 searches on Google mobile apps is a local search.  So what does this mean? It means that you need

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