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The Difference Between SEO & PPC Figuring out what the difference between SEO and PPC is and which one is better for your business might seem hard.  However, once you really understand what each of them does it will all be clear.  Table of Contents Add a header to begin generating the table of contents […]

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Why You Need To Be Using PPC Advertising Table Of Contents What is PPC Advertising? 5 Reasons You Should Use PPC Advertising 1. Grow Your Traffic 2. Appear On Local Maps 3. Precise Customer Targeting 4. Call Only Ads 5. Exclude Your Competition Where To Start With PPC Advertising The world has gone digital. If

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Tracking Store Visits Generated by Google Ads Clients with physical locations (like retailers, cafes, yoga studios, etc.) always ask if we can track foot traffic generated by online advertising.  As a performance marketing agency, we track everything from newsletter signups to eCommerce purchases.  You will know when customers click for directions or call your business.

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5 Ways to Use Google Keyword Planner What if your SEO efforts were doomed from the beginning? Because that’s exactly what happens when you don’t properly plan your SEO strategy from the start. The free SERP planning tool from Google, Keyword Planner is easy and intuitive to use. Keep reading to learn 5 ways to use KW

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