Review Kiosk Setup Guide

For Dental Offices

Step 1: Launch The App Store

Start by opening the "App Store" on your iPad.

Step 2: Install Kiosk+ Application

Search the ios app store for the "Kiosk+" application and install it on your ipad.
Next, launch the app by clicking "OPEN." You can also open the app from the app icon on your home screen.

Step 3: Add Your Review Kiosk Link

Now, you'll need to configure your kiosk.
  • Start by copying your unique review kiosk link from the review kiosk setup email you received.
  • Next, paste your unique review link in the Kiosk+ app settings under "Starting Website URL".

Step 4: Configure Your Kiosk+ App Settings

Now configure your settings as pictured.
  • Start by turning off "Home Button."
  • Next, turn off the "Visible Unlock Button."

Step 5: Activate Your Kiosk

Activate the Kiosk after you finish configuring your settings by clicking the "Activate Kiosk Mode" button at the bottom of the kiosk+ app settings page. 



Step 6: How To Return To Settings

Once your kiosk is activated you will see your patient feedback page. From here patients can leave a quick score (1-10) based on how likely they are to recommend before being asked to leave a review.   
  • Click The Top Right Corner To Return To Settings: If you ever need to return to the settings page on your Kiosk+ app simply click the top right corner of the page (we hid a return button up there for you)

Feedback Request Flow & Follow-Ups

Now that your dental kiosk is set up you can ask your patients to provide feedback on how their visit went on check out.  Here's how it works:

Step 1: Rate Your Experience

Patients are asked to rate their experience from 1-10 based on how likely they are to recommend your practice to others.

We suggest presenting your kiosk after a patient's visit is finished or while they are checking out. 


Step 2: Provide Written Feedback

Your patients will see this page after they rate their experience and press "NEXT".  From here they are asked to let you know why they gave the score they did.  

Note - This text will be sent to patients who left a positive score (8+) via email with a direct link to copy and paste their review into Google, Facebook, or Yelp.


Step 3: Enter Your Details

Next, the patient will be asked to enter their name and email address.

This allows us to automatically follow up and request reviews from patients who had a positive experience. 


Step 4: Thank The Patient & Request A Review

Once feedback is submitted, the patient is done & taken to this screen.  After 10 seconds, the screen returns to the home screen so you never have to reset it.

Now all you have to do is thank the patient and remind them to check their email to submit their review to your preferred review site. 

Note - Practices that ask patients to leave a review after they use the Kiosk are 80% more likely to receive a new review. 


Step 5: That's It! We Take Care Of The Rest.

About an hour after they leave feedback your patients will receive an email thanking them.

Patients that left a positive feedback (8/10 or better) receive an email that easily lets them copy their feedback text and paste it into your preferred review site. 

Greetings Earthling!

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