5 Ways to Use Keyword Planner – The Google Keyword Tool

adwords keyword tool

What if your SEO efforts were doomed from the beginning? Because that’s exactly what happens when you don’t properly plan your SEO strategy from the start. The free SERP planning tool from Google, Keyword Planner is easy and intuitive to use. Keep reading to learn 5 ways to use KW planner in your marketing campaigns.…

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How To Structure Your Local Business Website for SEO

You’d think by now you can just build a site all Willy nilly and not have to plan every little detail out right?  I mean the search engines are all knowing and they can just go to the sitemap to understand your website right?….. or maybe you are thinking “what’s a sitemap” haha. The truth…

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How to disable notifications by location on Google My Business

disable gmb notification

Disable Notifications for your Google My Business Locations You may have multiple locations, or you may just manage multiple locations for clients (like us).  Either way, you know the GMB notifications can get out of hand.  Apart from being alerted of reviews (so you can respond to good and bad reviews alike), many of the…

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Google Search Update & What it means for local businesses

March Google Core Update Woo. March sure was fun for a lot of SEOs. With Googles March 2019 core update the landscape of search engine optimization changed once again. Those who got ahead of the curve by going mobile first, increasing site speed, and focusing on high-quality links probably loved March. We know our clients…

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Google My Business – How Local Businesses Get On The Map

What Is GMB for Local Businesses? Google My Business (GMB) is how local businesses get on the map!  It’s a critical local SEO tool that cannot be overlooked. Recent studies have shown that 1 of 3 searches on Google mobile apps is a local search.  So what does this mean? It means that you need…

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Marketing for Dentists

Ready to find out how digital marketing for dentists works?  You are in the right place. With the correct digital marketing strategy, your dental practice can generate 30+ new patients every month.  That may seem like a lot, but once you understand just how real the opportunity is you’ll get it. Traditional MKT vs. Digital…

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What Is Local SEO? | Local Lead Generation [2019]

Local Business Search Engine Optimization Today, nothing seems out of reach.  Within just a few clicks consumers are able to find the products or services they are looking for, compare reviews and pricing, and make a decision.  So how do consumers in the new age find local businesses?  Simple… They google it.  Over the past…

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Tracking Store Visits Generated by Google Ads


Tracking offline conversions for in-store foot traffic. What, why, and how to track offline conversions. Clients with physical locations (like retailers, cafes, yoga studios, etc.) always ask if we can track foot traffic generated by online advertising. As a performance marketing agency, we track everything from newsletter signups to eCommerce purchases. You will know when…

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